Thursday, 24 October 2013

Barry M | Raspberry + Cappuccino

Barry M are my go to brand for nail varnishes. I love how they are always on top of trends and constantly coming up with new products. But today I am going to tell you about 2 of my old favorites, Raspberry and Cappuccino.

This is one of my favourite nail colours for autumn,  it shows up differently in different lights, sometimes its a true taupe shade and other times its much more purple, its perfect for when you want some sort of colour to your nails but don't want anything over the top or in your face. It only takes 2 coats and is really lovely and glossy. 

Raspberry is my go to nail colour in the colour month. A lot of reds dont suit my skin tone, they make my pale skin look even paler and my hands look drained of life, but I think its perfect, its a lovely deep red which has some pinky purple undertones which you can see in different lights. I think this is one shade that everyone needs to have as it looks good on everyone.

Overall, I highly recommend these 2 shades, theyre both perfect in 2 coats, they dry fast, they have a wear time of around 3-4 days and they only cost £2.99

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

October Wishlist

October Wishlist

1. Revlon | ColorStay Foundation Normal/Dry- As it gets colder, my skin gets drier and my foundation starts looking worse. Not only is this formulated for drier skin types but I have also heard so much about this foundation, about the long lasting power and the coverage.

2. New Look | Reindeer Jumper- I usually get my jumpers from the mens section of Primark as I find they keep me warmer, but I am on a mission this year to stay away from the mens section and get some cute winter jumpers and this is the first one on my list. Its adorable, and fluffy and makes me super happy.
3. Benefit | Fake Up- I suffer from quite bad dark circles under my eyes but have never find a concealer that has worked, even the famous Collection lasting perfection concealer didn't work for me as it just looked cakey and it dried up horrible and flaked. And its a problem I have had with every single concealer I have ever brought, so when I heard that Benefit brought out a concealer that had a hydrating formulation, I got a bit excited. Im a bit on the fence with if I will actually buy it or not, as it is £18.50
4. Essie | Fishnet Stockings- Every girl needs a good deep rich red in the winter, I usually go for Barry M Raspberry, but I have been repurchasing it for the past 5 years, so I think its time for a change. I have a few Essie nail polishes and I love them.
5. Topshop | Eyeshadow Trio- Im not overly big on eyes but I really love this simple palette, Its called Aubergine, and I think the colours are perfect for the A/W and I think they will also look nice on my brown eyes with a flick of eyeliner.
6. Topshop | Beguiled Lipstick- I have been eyeing up this lipstick for ages but Ive always been scared to wear dark lipstick as I never thought it suited me, but this year I am going to be brave, this looks like the perfect vampy wine shade.
7. ASOS | Aztec Purse- I have had the same purse for about 4 years and as much as I love it, its just getting tatty. So whilst I was looking for a new purse I stumbled across this and I fell in love, I think it's gorgeous and so bright, and only for £15. I have to have this!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks | 107 & 110

Today I'm going to give my opinion on one of the most talked about products of the year. 
I am a huge matte lipstick fan so I was instantly drawn to these. 
Firstly, I love the packaging, its a bright red which makes it so easy to find. I think the little signature with the heart is so cute. One thing I am disappointed with is the fact that the lipsticks have no names, only numbers. I'm usually okay with this but I know Rimmel do other lipsticks with adorable names, so they have no excuse not to.

This is the first colour I picked up and it was instant love. Its a bright red with an orange undertone. The finish isn't exact matte, its more of a satin velvet finish, but because of this, it isn't drying. The staying power is good, I would say 3-4 hours, it slightly fades with eating and drinking but nothing dramatic and it slightly stains your lips. This shade would look good on any skin tone, and due to the orange undertone, its a unique twist on a classic red lip. I would say to be careful though as it can make your teeth look slightly yellow.

Oh the hugely popular 107, everyone has gone mad over this shade and rightfully so. This is the perfect autumn/winter shade and suits everyone. Its a deep berry red, again it has more of a velvet finish rather than a matte finish and it isnt drying, however, I would recommend applying this after using a lip scrub and a lip balm as it can cling to dry patches. This lasts around 3-4 hours, before fading. I noticed when this began to fade, it settled into the lines of my lips and left the dreaded outer ring. When I tried to reapply I found it layered horribly, so I had to wipe off the lipstick and then apply, which can be annoying but the colour is worth it.

I highly recommend this range and these two colours, they have perfect unique shades of red.
Boots - £5.49

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