Monday, 30 September 2013

Beauty haul | Superdrug, Topshop & Lush

So last weekend my boyfriend and I went shopping in Swindon and I was rather spoilt so I thought I would share what I got. I am already planning on doing reviews and some first impressions of these products and I cannot wait!

Sleek Blush | Life's a Peach I have been wanting to try some Sleek products for so many years after hearing so many rave reviews. I knew I wanted to try out one of there blushes as I have recently started to love blush. After a long time swatching I decided on Life's a Peach. This looks like super bright orange in the pan but I think if you use a light hand it will create a gorgeous natural peachy glow to the face. Its completely matte, which is my favourite.

Collection Eyeshadow Pencil | Vintage Blush This is another product I have heard a lot about but I was unsure on it. I think Collection products are incredibly hit and miss, some are amazing and others are a huge flop. I never really overly fuss on my eyes, I stick to a bit of eyeliner and mascara and that's it, but when I saw this shade I fell in love. Its a gorgeous pinky, bronze shade. When swatched it applied smoothly and easily. Around 4 hours later, I looked at my hand and the swatch was still there, I scrubbed it and it sill didn't budge!  For only £3 I had to have it and I am excited to try this.  

Models Own | Freak Out! I am not the biggest glitter top coat fan, however I am a huge Models Own fan and I think they completely hit the nail on the head with this polish. It contains chunky turquoise glitter, small blue glitter and pink glitter as well. I think this will look gorgeous over black or even navy nail varnish. Im interested how easily the bigger pieces will come off.  

Models Own | Luis Lemon This is from the Ice Neon collection that came out this summer, when I first heard about the collection I wasnt overly fussed about it. But when I saw this colour in person I fell in love, its a true neon highlighter yellow. I think this would look gorgeous in the summer in the sunshine, but also in the winter to bring a bit of colour during the cold dull months.

Models Own | Beach Party I FINALLY GOT IT! I have wanted this since they released the Hedkandi collection. Its super bright and even though it was a summer release, it reminds me of Halloween and pumpkins and it makes me incredibly happy!

Models Own | Purple Blue I have never really been interested in duo-chrome nail polish, but recently I've loved the look of them and I think this one is really interesting.  In some lights its blue, then others its purple, yet it has a brown undertone to it so its perfect for the autumn months. Ive had bad experiences with duo-chrome nail varnishes being either really streaky or really sheer, so I have my fingers crossed with this polish.

Nail Polish | Plume Another duo-chrome nail varnish, This is gorgeous! Its another purple and blue toned nail varnish but this one is a lot brighter and kind of reminds me of how petrol looks on a wet road as it has a gold tone to it, I love it.

Lip Scrub | Mint Julips I am addicted to Lush and I an not ashamed, but I am ashamed that I have never owned any of there lip scrubs before. When I was younger I used to go in and test the Bubblegum one and I thought it was amazing, however when I went in this weekend I fell in love with Mint Julips. I thought as it was coming up winter I would purchase one to help my lips as they get stupidly dry in the winter. This smells and tastes amazing, it reminds me of one of my favourite lip butter, Palmers lip butter in Dark chocolate and Peppermint. I think those two would go hand in hand as a perfect lip duo.

Credit to le boyfriend, James Hart for taking the pictures :)

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