Monday, 5 May 2014

Lush Wishlist

Lush Wishlist

I am addicted to Lush, there is no point trying to deny it. But whenever I go into an actual Lush store, I get over whelmed by everything and end up buy a few bath bombs and thats it, but I have made a vow to myself that the next time I am in Lush, I will only buy products I haven't tried before, and these are on the top of my list to try.

I will admit, exfoliating is one of the skin care tasks that I never do. I have a facial scrub but I hate the scent of it, so it goes untouched. However, with ingredients like Lime and Grapefruit, I'm hoping this will smell amazing. I have heard people raving about this for years saying it has made a huge difference in there skin. At first I thought the price was quite a lot but as it can be used on both face and body, I think it's definately worth the try

Toner is my favourite step in my skin care routine, I think its so relaxing, soothing and refreshing. And I am always on the look for a new one. I have heard a lot about Lush's toners, but I think this would be the best as Rose helps sooth and calm redness to the skin, and I have a lot of redness from blemishes

I have tried a lot of Lush's solid soaps and I adore them, but I find that they can dry out my skin a bit, so when I heard that this soap is really creamy and hydrating, I got rather excited and I cannot wait to see if this is hydrating. But my problem is, I can never seem to see it in my local stores 

Okay, so I lied, I have used this before so its not all new products, but I love it! My skin is very picky with face masks and they either dont work or they make my skin worse, but this is instant improvement. When I wash it off my face, my blemishes are reduced, theyre not as red and my skin is soft. This isnt a fresh face mask either, so it will last over a month. 

I am addicted to body lotions, I cannot get enough of how they make my skin feel. I hear a lot about Lush's lotions, but this one appeals to me the most. Not only does the money from this go towards charity to help other, but it smells amazing, I have never had the money on me to buy a big tub, but as soon as I get the money, I am getting one!

I am almost out of my Mint Julips lip scrub, and as much as I love its minty goddness, I want something different, I dont like the bubblegum one as I find it tastes quite artifical, but I do love the scent of this. Its a mixture of sweet and salty popcorn, and I want it so badly! I think I could get addicted though.

This is something completely new to me and something that honestly scares me a bit. I havent heard a lot about these, but what I have heard has been good. Im always looking for a new shampoo as I havent found one I yet like enough to call a staple in my routine. I think this will be just a fun thing to try out and I hope it will last longer than my shampoo currently does.

I honestly have no other reason for wanting this other than, it looks amazing and smells like heaven.

Have you got any Lush products you recommend?

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Top 5 | Spring Nails

I am obsessed with nail polish, any excuse to buy one I will take it. New collection, new range, new colours, new formulation. What ever it is I will take it. So trying to narrow down my top 5 Spring Nail Polishes, was very very tricky. 

Revlon | Minted
I love Mint, it is my favourite colour, and this is the perfect pastel mint shade. The formulation is a tad thin so it takes 3-4 coats, but its so worth it, its bright yet pastel and its just.. perfect.

Rimmel 60 Seconds | Rose Libertine 
I'm not a huge lover of pink nail polish, but I do like this, its a muted pink, I think this is such a classic colour that everyone should have in their collection, I love the formulation, quick drying and only takes 2 coats

Models Own | Lemon Meringue
Yellow makes me so happy, I grew up surrounded by yellow flowers so this nail polish just makes me smile, it also reminds me of easter and little chicks, its opaque in 2 coats which is good for such a light colour.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine | Prickly Pear
This is my go to nail polish at the moment, I am just obsessed, it takes 3 coats but its so shiny and the perfect lilac that its worth the wait, I also find that they are incredibly long lasting, I have gone a week with no chips before! By far my favourite nail polish range.

Maybeling Forever Strong | Ceramic Blue
This was my favourite nail polish of 2012 but I discovered that it had been discontinued, which broke my heart. However, last year I found out that Fragrance Direct sell these, so I stocked up and brought 4 bottles, as I cannot live without this colour, it is the perfect pastel blue, it has slight shimmer running through it but is barely noticeable. If you can find this, get it!

What are colours you love in the spring time?
Any nail polish recommendations?

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Top 5 | Spring Lips

It's hard to tell if Spring has come to England, as it gets really sunny and warm, and then suddenly pisses it down with rain. But I have decided that to boost my mood on this groggy day, I would do a post telling you my most used lipsticks in the spring time

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm | Striking
This is my new love, I absolutely love this red lipstick, most reds I have are a classic bright red, but this leans slightly pink so it's more flattering for the soft spring weather. This formulation is so easy to work with and really long lasting.

Revlon Lip Butter | Juicy Papaya 
My favourite natural lip for spring, I have a problem with wearing orange on my lips, but I find as this is quite sheer, its really complimentary. I have a massive ongoing love for lip butter, I think theyre so easy to wear, so smooth on the lips and adds a pop of colour without being to harsh. My only problem? Rubbish lasting power, 3 hours and its all gone :(

Revlon Matte Lipstick | Pink Pout
Why yes, Revlon is my favourite lip product brand. I think you cannot beat them. I feel like this little beauty has gone missing out of its lime light though, but I dont know why. Its a lovely soft pink that has a very slightly purple undertone. I think if you're new to pink lipsticks this is a great one to start off with, as it's noticeable but not over the top.

Rimmel Kate Moss | 05
When I fancy a change from my red lip, I go to this beauty, its a deep pink that brightens the skin and adds a lovely pop of colour. I adore the Kate Moss range from Rimmel, they have a great pigmentation and are very long lasting.

Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream | Cotton Candy
You might have guessed by now but I do love a matte lipstick, I think they're a lot easier to pull off and last longer, I have brought around 5 tubes of this as I love it so much. Firstly, it smells like vanilla cake, amazing! It applies smoothly but dries to a matte finish and takes a long time to wear off, I'm not sure how they would compare to the NYX Matte Creams, but Im assuming these would be the UKs version, I'm quite gutted that they only have 3 shades though, a pink, a nude and a coral.

What are your favourite spring lipsticks?

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The First Step In Getting Over My Fear

I have many fears in my life, typical ones like spiders and heights, but this particular fear I have, I think is stupid and pretty pathetic. The first step of getting over a fear is admitting it and facing why you have that fear. So Ladies and Gentleman, I admit, I have a massive fear of getting my hair cut. Whenever I think about getting my hair cut, even a trim, I shake and start to cry. Last time I got a cut, it resulted in a panic attack.

This isn't a fear I have always had, when I was younger I used to love getting it cut and styled. I managed to have quite reasonably long hair considering I took so poor care of it, but one afternoon at the age of 11 I made a very quick decision of chopping off my lovely locks and getting a very short, almost Victoria Beckham like, bob. At the time I loved it, in fact, I dont remember ever hating my hair shorter. It was quicker to style, easier to treat and just a lot more fun. But as I grew older, I saw people with long hair and frankly, I was jealous. They could put it up in cute buns, they could curl there hair, they could do anything with it. So I decided to stop getting it cut short and grow it out. But in stead of just getting small trims, I just stopped going to the hair dressers for a whole year.

After that year, I decided I needed a trim to tidy it up, but this was during the time I was constantly bleaching and colouring my hair, so my hair was so damaged, the hair dresser cut it all off, leaving me with short hair again. And I think this is where my fear came from. I became so obsessed over the idea of wanting long hair that I just have this thought stuck in my head that the hair dressers will just cut all my hair off and ignore what I want as a customer.

But I am 18 years old now and my hair is the longest it has ever been. And I hate it. Its so hard to handle, its tangly, I cant achieve the 'cute' hairstyles I thought I would, the ends are dead and split, and to be honest, I miss my short hair. So after some serious thought and support from my boyfriend, I have made myself an appointment with a professional stylist, not a home hair cutter, to get my hair sorted out once and for all, and to say goodbye with this attachment I have with this god awful hair of mine. I thought I would celebrate this first step by sharing my hair past with you, so alas, here are my hair choices through the years.

1999 - 2006 - 2006 - 2007

2010 - 2008 - 2008 - 2010 - 2007 - 2009

Im excited to see what is next for my hair.

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