Thursday, 24 April 2014

Top 5 | Spring Nails

I am obsessed with nail polish, any excuse to buy one I will take it. New collection, new range, new colours, new formulation. What ever it is I will take it. So trying to narrow down my top 5 Spring Nail Polishes, was very very tricky. 

Revlon | Minted
I love Mint, it is my favourite colour, and this is the perfect pastel mint shade. The formulation is a tad thin so it takes 3-4 coats, but its so worth it, its bright yet pastel and its just.. perfect.

Rimmel 60 Seconds | Rose Libertine 
I'm not a huge lover of pink nail polish, but I do like this, its a muted pink, I think this is such a classic colour that everyone should have in their collection, I love the formulation, quick drying and only takes 2 coats

Models Own | Lemon Meringue
Yellow makes me so happy, I grew up surrounded by yellow flowers so this nail polish just makes me smile, it also reminds me of easter and little chicks, its opaque in 2 coats which is good for such a light colour.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine | Prickly Pear
This is my go to nail polish at the moment, I am just obsessed, it takes 3 coats but its so shiny and the perfect lilac that its worth the wait, I also find that they are incredibly long lasting, I have gone a week with no chips before! By far my favourite nail polish range.

Maybeling Forever Strong | Ceramic Blue
This was my favourite nail polish of 2012 but I discovered that it had been discontinued, which broke my heart. However, last year I found out that Fragrance Direct sell these, so I stocked up and brought 4 bottles, as I cannot live without this colour, it is the perfect pastel blue, it has slight shimmer running through it but is barely noticeable. If you can find this, get it!

What are colours you love in the spring time?
Any nail polish recommendations?

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