Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Rimmel Apocolips | Big Bang Review

Every since these were released I have heard people raving about them, and I got sucked into the hype and had to get one. As a huge red lip fan I thought Big Bang was the best choice especially as I am on the hunt for a holy grail red lipstick. The first thing that drew me towards this range was the packaging. Oh the packaging it gorgeous, its very sleek and the colour of the product is clearly displayed so you don't have to worry about searching for the label to find the shade.. But sadly that's where the excitement of this product ends..

The formulation was the big selling point for this product. Its a liquid lipstick, it has the shine of a lipgloss but its opaque like a lipstick, if you dont like the shine you can blot your lips on a tissue and it will mattify your lips. Its a really creamy formulation, that feels smooth on the lips, not sticky or cakey. But it can feel thick if you apply too much. At first this product was nice but when it started to dry, I started having troubles. It went really stiff and cracked on my lips, it looked a mess. Even when I tried to apply over top, it felt clumpy on my lips and thick and even when I blotted it still felt bad and looked bad. When I removed it, my lips felt irritated and chapped.

I found the easiest way to apply this is to outline your lines first with the tip of the doe foot and then fill in, you get a neat line and makes the likeliness of going outside your natural lip shape a lot less. The applicator of this product is really good. The doe foot applicator has a dip in the middle which stores product which means you dont have to re-dip your wand several times.

Big Bang is a true red, it wasn't too blue toned or yellow toned, it sat perfectly in the middle. From what I have seen from swatches I think it would perfectly go with every skin tone, however I think your skin tone will change how the lipstick looks, for example I have seen this look darker on some people and brighter on others.

Staying Power
This is where I became disappointed with this product. I have heard people say that this lasts so long and stained there lips. However, after 2 hours I found that this has smudged everywhere on my face, it was on my chin, my upper lip, and I think at one point my nose. It didnt fade nicely, it went horrible patchy and settled into the lines and felt really drying and uncomfortable.

Overall I was really disappointed in this product, I expect a lipstick to last longer than 2 hours and not make me want to scrap it off of my lips and lather them in lip balm, especially one that advertises itself as having a 'conditioning formulation' I definitely think a red lipstick is a staple for a collection which has to be done correctly so the fact that the red failed me, makes me question if the rest are actually that good either. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone, I am a huge fan of Rimmels lip products so I hate that I hate this, but it really is that bad. 

Did you had the same experience as I did?


  1. Hey! I’ve nominated you for the Leibster award! Check out my latest post on my blog!


  2. Thanks for the review. I really wanted to try these, but I definitely will overthink this buy now.
    Nice post!!

    Christina ♥♥

    1. Thank you :)
      Every product works differently on everyone, so it could always work for you. Just sadly not for me :( xx


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