Thursday, 5 December 2013

Lush Lip Scrub | Mint Julips

During the winter my lips get horrible dry and start to flake and crack, so when I heard about this little gem, I was very curious. I was very lucky that James brought me this, and how grateful I am as this is a life saver!
Lush have a few different flavours Bubblegum, Popcorn and a Christmas special Santa. I picked Mint Julips as it smells just like mint chocolate and ohhh it is heavenly!
This product is very easy to use, just scoop the tiniest amount out with your finger and buff into your lips, then you can either wipe it off with a tissue or you can do what I do and lick it off. Not only does it taste amazing but it leaves your lips so smooth and soft, it contains Organic Jojoba oil which adds moisture to your lips, so its not a rough scrub, however I do recommend using a lip balm after to lock in the moisture in your lips, I find that Palmers lip butter is the perfect match for this. Since using this product I have noticed a huge different in the condition of my lips, I'm using a lot less lip balm and I'm finding that my lipstick looks better, applies more evenly and lasts longer!

The only down side to this product is it doesn't have the most hygienic packaging as you have to dip your fingers in tube, but I'm not bother about that. I know some people think the £5.50 price is too much but its made with all natural ingredients and it lasts a very long time, I've been using mine twice a day for the past month and I have barely dented it. I think this is a product everyone should try, its absolutely amazing and I couldn't recommend it enough.

What do you think about lip scrubs?
Are they an essential for you?
Lush - £5.50


  1. I love the Bubblegum version of this, need to try the mint one! x

  2. Its awesome... You must definitely have to!


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