Thursday, 24 October 2013

Barry M | Raspberry + Cappuccino

Barry M are my go to brand for nail varnishes. I love how they are always on top of trends and constantly coming up with new products. But today I am going to tell you about 2 of my old favorites, Raspberry and Cappuccino.

This is one of my favourite nail colours for autumn,  it shows up differently in different lights, sometimes its a true taupe shade and other times its much more purple, its perfect for when you want some sort of colour to your nails but don't want anything over the top or in your face. It only takes 2 coats and is really lovely and glossy. 

Raspberry is my go to nail colour in the colour month. A lot of reds dont suit my skin tone, they make my pale skin look even paler and my hands look drained of life, but I think its perfect, its a lovely deep red which has some pinky purple undertones which you can see in different lights. I think this is one shade that everyone needs to have as it looks good on everyone.

Overall, I highly recommend these 2 shades, theyre both perfect in 2 coats, they dry fast, they have a wear time of around 3-4 days and they only cost £2.99

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