Sunday, 22 December 2013

2013 Favourites | Face

As everyone is saying, 2013 just flew by and I cant believe Christmas has come so quickly. So I thought I would end the year by writing about my favourite products from this year. After gathering everything together, I realised how many things I had been loving this year and couldn't go without, so I'm going to separate them into different posts starting with my favourite face product..

Foundation | Bourjois Healthy Mix - This is the only foundation I have tried this year that didn't break me out, which is a huge thing! This foundation has a really good coverage, Id say medium but buildable without going cakey, it matched my skin perfectly so I don't have to spend ages trying to blend it. I've found in the past that dewy foundations don't work well with my combination/oil skin but this lasts really well. I highly recommend this foundation, if you have drier skin I believe the Bourjois healthy mix serum is more hydrating.

Powder | Rimmel London Stay Matte - I apologise for the lack of label in the photo but the packaging for this product isn't the best, but the powder is. Im not usually a fan of powders as they usually go on really bad on me and usually doesn't make a difference in the wear time of my make up, but this helps take away any unwanted shine and helps with the lasting time. You do have to be careful about how much apply as it can go on cakey, but I actually apply this with a stippling brush, so it goes on lightly.

Bronzer | NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer 'Sunny' - Before this year I had never tried a bronzer, I never thought that it would look so good on my skin, as I'm so pale. But I saw this on sale in B&Ms for £3 and I had heard people saying this was a dupe of Benefits 'Hoola' Bronzer, so I thought I would give it a go. It is a really nice light contour shade, its not too orange or look muddy. Its very hard to go to OTT with this, but if you do it blends really easily.

Blush | Sleek 'Lifes a Peach' & ELF 'Tickled Pink' - I honestly could not pick one blush, these 2 have been my go to blushes the first blush is from Sleek, its a gorgeous peach shade that leans more to the orange side, it looks quite bright and scary in the pan but its quite sheer, you can pack it onto the skin to get a brighter shade but when worn lightly it creates a really nice natural glow, its a great shade for spring and summer. The next blush is ELFs Tickled Pink, it is the most gorgeous natural pink, it has a slight shimmer but its barely noticeable on the skin. I go for this everyday in winter as it creates a lovely 'been out in the snow' glow to your face.

What face products did you fall in love with in 2013?

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